Brace For Impact

from by Down By Fire



There's no stopping this trip, it's just begun
A speeding bullet and a smoking gun
You signed up, better eat what's on your plate
So stop complaining about your situation
Your real problem's your lack of motivation
I just wanna see some heart
Do you care if it all falls apart?

You're on the edge, on the edge of it all
Take a running start, jump off and free fall
I know you've got hidden wings so spread 'em. This is your wake up call.
Don't waste away depressed in bed all day
It's not that hard to keep the wolves at bay
The world is yours but I guess you never knew
I can't help but wonder what it feels like to be you.

One of these days you're gonna learn
You keep watching your bridges burn
And it's not over yet.. You're still not thinking straight.
And if the whole world is against you,
That's just another obstacle to get through
If you wanna get your head right
You've gotta change your state of mind. Yeah, yeah.

You're apathetic and it's pathetic
A confrontational diabetic
I gotta spit enough sugar on the truth
Or I'm afraid it might kill you.
Stop talking, talking about it
Get up, get up, do something about it
The world is yours but I guess you never knew
I can't help but wonder if I'm even getting through...
Getting through to you.

Wanna get your head right? Well, change your mind
(Stay true to yourself and you'll get it right)
Gotta live while you can before it's your turn to die
(Keep your head up, it just takes time)


from Brace For Impact, track released March 27, 2012



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Down By Fire Phoenix, Arizona

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