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I just found out
A new addiction's got its hold on me
"Every one's worried about me."
Don't bother calling
I'm probably way too high or better yet
Working on my alibi...

My little problem? You can take blame, you invented it
My sickness? Only you spread it.
Highly contagious? Isn't it obvious?
This drug's only expelled, and orally.

It seems you'll say anything, oh what a shame,
All just for drama's sake. You came to shake things up
Sorry, I was busy growing up.

I just found out
And it was only a matter of time
Till this came into the light.
I've been degraded, my honor's been tainted
But I'm happy to be
Your top story

For your entertainment, here's my statement:
"I'm keeping my two cents for a rainy day."
What else can I say?
Yeah, yeah, I'm happy to be
Your top story
Yeah, yeah, such a high priority?
You flatter me.

Wake to break the news
In the wake of breaking news.

Don't mind if I do. Anything at all
To build a bridge and put up a wall.
I believe you'd build a house of cards
Just to watch it fall.
You'd build a house of cards
Just to watch it fall.


from Brace For Impact, released March 27, 2012



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Down By Fire Phoenix, Arizona

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