Truth Or Consequences

from by Down By Fire



Come out wherever you are
It's warm enough to light a fire in your heart
Let it burn away our beds and sheets
And devour the air, cause this machine, it never sleeps
Never sleeps.

I see you're weak because they've fed you only lies
And I see a spark of revolution in your eye.
Selling our sons all into slavery
Pimping our daughters for an hourly fee but...

They're all in hibernation.
A whole soundly sleeping generation.
Don't become a zombie nation
Don't be content bringing on your own devastation.
We're gonna have the liberation!

It's up to you, it's up to me
I don't wanna live in virtual reality
Where you and me are gonna really pay.
"Board up the doors! The enemy is near!"
Keep us separated, keep us all in fear
And whisper sweet nothings into my ear.

What's it gonna take?
We're losing ground soon it'll be too late.
I can't believe it's come to this
A national time crisis, but we still can't agree
It's not democracy, it's just dichotomy!

Don't get caught in hibernation!
Truth or consequences, all I know is
We'll have the liberation.


from Brace For Impact, released March 27, 2012



all rights reserved


Down By Fire Phoenix, Arizona

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