Brace For Impact

by Down By Fire

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Napalm Cool EP, takes Down By Fire's sound and makes it 'bigger'. Keep it up guys, the AZ punk scene seems to be showing signs of life again in 2016! Favorite track: Truth Or Consequences.
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released March 27, 2012

Recorded at Hourglass Studios December 2011
Produced by Down By Fire & Griffin Kolinski
Engineered by Griffin Kolinski
Mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Recording



all rights reserved


Down By Fire Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: Brace For Impact
There's no stopping this trip, it's just begun
A speeding bullet and a smoking gun
You signed up, better eat what's on your plate
So stop complaining about your situation
Your real problem's your lack of motivation
I just wanna see some heart
Do you care if it all falls apart?

You're on the edge, on the edge of it all
Take a running start, jump off and free fall
I know you've got hidden wings so spread 'em. This is your wake up call.
Don't waste away depressed in bed all day
It's not that hard to keep the wolves at bay
The world is yours but I guess you never knew
I can't help but wonder what it feels like to be you.

One of these days you're gonna learn
You keep watching your bridges burn
And it's not over yet.. You're still not thinking straight.
And if the whole world is against you,
That's just another obstacle to get through
If you wanna get your head right
You've gotta change your state of mind. Yeah, yeah.

You're apathetic and it's pathetic
A confrontational diabetic
I gotta spit enough sugar on the truth
Or I'm afraid it might kill you.
Stop talking, talking about it
Get up, get up, do something about it
The world is yours but I guess you never knew
I can't help but wonder if I'm even getting through...
Getting through to you.

Wanna get your head right? Well, change your mind
(Stay true to yourself and you'll get it right)
Gotta live while you can before it's your turn to die
(Keep your head up, it just takes time)
Track Name: The Outside
It wasn't long till the party went south
Was it all cause you couldn't keep an eye on your mouth?
You did your last line an hour ago
You're drunk and pissed off now, why don't you just go home?
Just go home.
Your stoned sour eyes looking for a fight
Guess you were trying to ruin my night
Call a cab, go to bed, don't come back until you get right

Inebriated and frustrated
And you're on the outside now
With your head full of booze and the fights that you choose
And you think that its all working out
..Till they leave you out in the cold looking in
It's the same story over and over again
You're no fun when you hate everyone
So you're on the outside now

Another night down at The Marquee
You got hit in the pit, took it personally... Dragged out by Mama T.
We wanna get loud and it shouldn't be a crime
We're all here cause we wanna have a good time
But I guess every time I can count on a fuss
Someone to wreck the fun for the rest of us and get the cops called
Now you're handcuffed, sitting in the back of the car before the problem's solved

Yeah, better watch the words that you're saying
Yeah, better learn the rules of the game that you're playing

You're no fun, you're no fun, so you're on the outside now.
Track Name: Truth Or Consequences
Come out wherever you are
It's warm enough to light a fire in your heart
Let it burn away our beds and sheets
And devour the air, cause this machine, it never sleeps
Never sleeps.

I see you're weak because they've fed you only lies
And I see a spark of revolution in your eye.
Selling our sons all into slavery
Pimping our daughters for an hourly fee but...

They're all in hibernation.
A whole soundly sleeping generation.
Don't become a zombie nation
Don't be content bringing on your own devastation.
We're gonna have the liberation!

It's up to you, it's up to me
I don't wanna live in virtual reality
Where you and me are gonna really pay.
"Board up the doors! The enemy is near!"
Keep us separated, keep us all in fear
And whisper sweet nothings into my ear.

What's it gonna take?
We're losing ground soon it'll be too late.
I can't believe it's come to this
A national time crisis, but we still can't agree
It's not democracy, it's just dichotomy!

Don't get caught in hibernation!
Truth or consequences, all I know is
We'll have the liberation.
Track Name: Headliner
I just found out
A new addiction's got its hold on me
"Every one's worried about me."
Don't bother calling
I'm probably way too high or better yet
Working on my alibi...

My little problem? You can take blame, you invented it
My sickness? Only you spread it.
Highly contagious? Isn't it obvious?
This drug's only expelled, and orally.

It seems you'll say anything, oh what a shame,
All just for drama's sake. You came to shake things up
Sorry, I was busy growing up.

I just found out
And it was only a matter of time
Till this came into the light.
I've been degraded, my honor's been tainted
But I'm happy to be
Your top story

For your entertainment, here's my statement:
"I'm keeping my two cents for a rainy day."
What else can I say?
Yeah, yeah, I'm happy to be
Your top story
Yeah, yeah, such a high priority?
You flatter me.

Wake to break the news
In the wake of breaking news.

Don't mind if I do. Anything at all
To build a bridge and put up a wall.
I believe you'd build a house of cards
Just to watch it fall.
You'd build a house of cards
Just to watch it fall.